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Felicia Carbajal

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Felicia Carbajal (They/Them)
Meet Felicia

Community Organizer

Social Entrepreneur

Transformative Strategist


Felicia is a Los Angeles based queer Latinx organizer, strategist and social entrepreneur with over two decades of movement building experience within intersectional communities.


They’re a sought after public speaker and thought leader on the subjects of equity, economic development, marijuana/cannabis and intersectional community building. 


Felicia is the Executive Director of LA based The Social Impact center and sits on the advisory boards of Cage Free Cannabis, Chama Roots Collective, Americans for Safe Access and Black and Pink National. 


They love their wife, life and freedom. 


Lady Buds movie poster featuring Felicia Carbajal

Lady Buds


LADY BUDS tells the story of six courageous women who come out of the shadows of the cannabis underground to enter the newly legal market. With deep-pocketed corporations taking over the industry, these trailblazers risk everything to make their American Dream come true in the very market they helped create.


Hollywood Reporter

"The cannabis equity movement is embodied by Carbajal, whose turbulent life certainly holds more stories than we’re privy to here and whose relatively novel messaging I wish we’d heard more of."

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40 under 40

"Medicinal marijuana users are just as important of a community to me as being LGBT and Latina.”

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The Cannavist 

"We ensure there is diversity by challenging folks to do better"

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As Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Social Impact Center they spearheaded the partnership with the LA County DA's office


  • Company Culture
  • Leadership Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in an evolving world
  • Public Advocacy and Speaking Engagements 
  • Government Relations
  • Board of Directors/Advisory Board Leadership  


"Working with Felicia has been one of the most enlightening and rewarding experiences I’ve had since entering legal cannabis. She is a living example of the bridge needed between the traditional and legal markets. Her re-entry work is unmatched in our industry "


Antonio Frazier

President, Cannasafe

"Felicia’s unmatched commitment to our communities comes from shared values and lived experience. They’re a rare breed of community leader that I’m honored to be in the struggle with."


Lily Gonzalez,

Program Coordinator
Project Rebound, CSUN


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